Our History

Way back in 1982, when Diet Coke was just for the taste of it, Sony made the first CD player and Pac-Man was eating his way across Commodore 64 screens, businesses were wrestling with another 80s icon – the bar code. Companies needed a way to print bar codes on to labels, to accurately identify and scan products.

Entrepreneurs Roger Ellis and Ron Millington quickly found the solution, and Fairfield was born.
Since then, Fairfield has helped tens of thousands of customers label, identify and automate their operations. From product and in-process labels to laser marking and digital printing, continual innovation has kept us at the forefront of the industry.

An photograph of the exterior of the Fairdfield office
An old historic image of the Fairfield staff members outside their business premises.

Trusted by businesses from start-ups to SMEs, multi-national companies to global players, we continue to grow and expand at our Worcestershire base.

Our wealth of experience and continual innovation that enables us to build bespoke solutions for you, helping you streamline your operation and drive efficiency.

Healthcare packaging featuring Fairfield labels
Cleaning liquid containers showing Fairfield retail labels
A roll of labels alongside food packaging featuring printed labels

“We constantly strive to provide our customers with the most appropriate up-to-date labelling, RFID and traceability solutions available, confirming our place at the forefront of new technologies.”

Mark Lynch – Managing Director


For 40 years, agility and innovation has remained at the heart of the Fairfield operation.
Our skilled staff – many with decades of experience – are able to understand your requirements and provide bespoke solutions, whatever the sector or size of your business.

Today, we continue to build key relationships with world-leading manufacturers, embracing new technologies and continually updating our product portfolio.

For example, our innovative new barcoding solutions have played a vital role in helping food and drink businesses comply with Natasha’s Law. And in the healthcare sector, we supply surgical wristbands and surgical instrument markers to the NHS. With a huge range of applications, from veterinary medication to hazardous chemicals, aerospace parts to complex anti-counterfeiting labels, we’re able to build a solution that works for you.

Managing Director Mark Lynch joined Fairfield in 2000 and brought with him considerable coding and RFID experience.

His expertise took us from a traditional labelling and scanning company to a full solution provider.
With enviable links to industry-leading software, hardware and integration companies, we quickly established ourselves as a leader in Auto ID, and still are today.

Loyalty, experience, innovation – values that underpin our business today, and help you drive yours.

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