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Plain Labels

Fairfield supplies a large number of plain labels in a number of formats for applications across a wide range of industry sectors, including Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing and Industrial. These labels are available in a number of formats:

A4 labels<br />

A4 Sheet Labels

An extensive range of sizes are available of paper labels with a permanent adhesive for Inkjet and Laser printers. A number of common sizes are available in boxes of 500 sheets available on a next day delivery service. Also available is a range of synthetic labels for applications requiring more durability. Typical applications for our A4 labels include transport & logistics labels where high-tack adhesives are available for sticking to cardboard packaging or pallet wrap or mailing labels. Custom sizes are also available, as is a wider range of materials and adhesives.

Labels on a box of fresh produce

Thermal Labels

Our extensive cutter stock enables Fairfield to produce thermal labels in a large range of sizes. Printable by a thermal printer (requiring no ribbon), these labels are ideal for large volume applications such as transport & logistics labels, food labels (especially when adding variable data such as weights and use by dates) or other relatively short-term labels. A range of materials is available including coated papers for longer-term image stability and grease resistance. We can also offer a range of adhesives including permanent, removable and deep freeze variants.

Thermal transfer ribbon on rolls

Thermal Transfer Labels

An equally extensive range of sizes are available for our thermal transfer printable labels. Using a ribbon to create the image, a range of papers is available, including matt or gloss, coloured options and a range of matt or gloss synthetics including Polypropylene or Polyester in a range of colours. We can also provide advice on the most appropriate ribbon and face material combinations to ensure your application requirements are met.

Peel and Reveal

Peel and reveal labels are highly versatile. Being both water and chemical resistant, they are ideal for use in difficult environments or with products that create adhesion challenges.

Peel and reveal labels

Mark & Seal Labels

Mark and seal enables you to write information on to your printed label and then seal it under a protective laminate. The labels are printed so that permanent information can be written on them – for example within PAT testing environments, food agency inspections, equipment date marking and so on. A variety of materials are suitable for this kind of label. A range of adhesives is available to ensure your labels stay put on your products.

A label affixed to a wall plug

Horticultural Labels

Labels for horticultural applications tend to fall into two categories – self adhesive on tie-on. Fairfield offers a range of materials to suit your application requirements. Self adhesive labels can typically be used for labelling individual pots with product or pricing information, with options available for indoor or outdoor applications with weather-resistant materials. Variable data can typically be added using a thermal transfer printer. Tie-on labels tend to be manufactured using a semi-rigid PVC material, again thermal transfer printable. These labels are typically those used to wrap around tree saplings, shrubs and ornamental plants containing product and pricing information.

For inventory control or tracking applications, both labels and tags can have RFID technology incorporated into them – particularly useful for products in the supply chain prior to being offered for final sale in the Garden Centre or Nursery.

Fairfield are able to offer a range of thermal transfer printers, bar code scanners or RFID readers to optimise your print and inventory processes.

Hazard & Chemical Labels

Chemical labels usually contain critical information which must remain legible throughout the life of the product or container, often stored outdoors or exposed to harsh environments. The label material utilised in this type of application typically has to comply with legislation, such as BS5609 Parts 1,2 and/or 3 (Marine water Immersion compliance).

Fairfield offer a range of materials suitable for this type of application, utilising materials such as PE, HDPE or Teslin coated with high tack permanent adhesives which have been independently tested to ensure they comply with the required legislation. We can also offer appropriate thermal transfer ribbons and printers to allow you to add your variable data on site.

Large labels (for example A3, A4 or A5) are typically used on drums or IBCs, whereas for individual bottles or consumer packs a range of label sizes can be offered, including multi-colour printing.

Engine oil in retail containers with colour labels

For multi-language labels, fold-out booklet labels can be supplied to a number of specifications, saving space on your product packs.

Various chemical barrels and containers, each has a label
Barrels of chemicals with hazard labeling

Dome Labels

Dome labels offer an ideal opportunity for brand enhancement, especially within Industrial or Appliance applications. Typically, these labels are multi-colour printed with logos and/or text onto usually white or bright silver material and subsequently has a liquid gloss resin to create a ‘dome’ over the label. The surface tension of the resin ensures that it does not encroach over the edge of the label. The dome can also act as a lens, enhancing the printed graphic below. Typical applications would include branding or logos on domestic appliances and consumer electronics.

Healthcare Labels

Healthcare is a key sector for Fairfield, with a number of label solutions, hardware and label printing software options available. Typically, labels can be included in one of the following groups:

Various sized healthcare labels

Sterilisation Labels

These labels show evidence of autoclaving, with ETO, Gamma and Steam autoclave options available. A colour change mechanism is built into the ink, which activates after exposure. A number of labels sizes are available and can be supplied either pre-printed or plain with a colour change dot to enable you to print variable data on your site.

Various healthcare medicine containers with labels attached

Packaging Labels

The Healthcare sector consumes a large amount of packaging, all of which requires labelling. Fairfield have a number of customers who use our product bottle, consumer box and OTC product packaging labels for both product identification and also the security sealing of packs.

Healthcare blood sample containers with labels attached

Patient Labels

This category includes a range of wristbands and labels for use in bed-side applications such as neonatal milk tracking. RFID technology can be incorporated into these labels for effective tracking. Thermal printers, bar code scanners and label design & print software options are also available, as is a custom-built solution package for specific applications.



Key Dot Labels

Key dots are small, laser-engraved Data Matrix barcode labels that can be applied directly to an instrument’s surface. Each key dot contains a unique number or a hospital GS1 code allowing them to be tracked individually. They are designed to withstand harsh environments and temperature conditions, in a variety of sizes and sold 100 per sheet.

Veterinary & Animal Products Labels

A little lamb in a stable

Veterinary & Animal Feed Labels

Often requiring the same or similar application requirements as Veterinary labels, the range offered by Fairfield includes packaging labels for product item level and bulk feed identification, crossing into logistics applications. Materials utilised range from coated papers through PE and PP labels up to polyesters for optimum durability, with labels being supplied either in rolls of A3 or A4 sheets for processing through laser printers. For variable data addition, a range of printers and associated hardware is available.

Pallet Labels

These labels tend to be A5 or A4 in size and are often printed through desktop laser printers or wide thermal transfer printers. With laser printable labels, quality and consistency is key, with the ability to feed constantly and error-free through the laser. Fairfield provide a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ sizes in A4 sheets with a number of custom-made sizes also available. A range of adhesives is available, including high tack adhesives suitable for application to recycled corrugated packaging and pallet wrap.

For thermal or thermal transfer printable labels, speed of print, print definition and bar code accuracy are essential. Face materials have been chosen to optimise print quality to ensure data is readable first time – essential in today’s fast moving logistics operations.

To print these labels on-site, a range of thermal and thermal transfer printers are available, including label design and print software options.

A label on a plastic pallet

Barcode Labels

At Fairfield we supply millions of labels that are suitable for barcodes – we supply labels pre-printed with bar codes as a bureau operation or blank labels for you to bar code on site. If pre-printed, all barcode symbologies can be supplied, including GS1 specifications, retail and industrial codes or 2D codes such as data-matrix and QR codes. Bar codes can be unique, such as a sequence of numbers, or constant, such as printing a roll of labels for a retail product.

Barcodes can be printed onto an extensive range of label materials, from papers, through low-cost filmic materials up to high performance polyesters and polyimides for use in demanding applications.

To support our bar code labels, we also offer a range of thermal or thermal transfer printers, 1D & 2D bar code readers and label print & design software options.

Bar code labels

Food & Beverage Labels

Fairfield supply a range of labels to food & beverage manufacturers and brand owners from artisan producers to large volume food manufacturers. With extensive experience in label materials, Fairfield can help maximise your products’ shelf appeal with creative, eye-catching labels utilising materials suitable for wine & spirits, specialist foods packaging, frozen foods, cheese and ingredients labels.

A simple solution for PPDS (Natasha’s Law) allergens labelling is available, including labels, a thermal printer and software to easily integrate into your packaging operation.

Food packaging with a label
Various items of food packaging with labels

For smaller volume customers, digital printing of your labels is utilised, meaning we can offer very low minimum order quantities and quick turnaround to meet your production requirements.

Automotive Labels

The Automotive sector has been serviced by Fairfield for many years, with customers in the Tier 1 and lower tiers within the components supply chain, supplying high quality and high performance labels compliant to stringent OEM specifications. Typically, automotive labels can be classified into three key areas:

Tire pressure advice sticker from a passenger car

Manufacturing / Body in White

Labels in this area are often temporary labels carrying manufacturing or build specification information and need to be removed further on in the production process. Therefore, we offer a range of cleanly removable adhesive products. Labels to identify component boxes, such as those used in Kanban operations are also supplied.

An engine bay with various labels attached to parts


Labels typically are required to last the life of the vehicle and are required to perform in hostile environments, such as heat, humidity and chemical. Materials tend to be polyesters and carry either pre-printed information or are printed using thermal transfer printers. Typical applications are key component identification such as headlamps, fuel pumps, radiator fans, batteries and electrical cable assemblies.

The inside of a car showing a safety label


Interior labels tend to be either temporary or permanent. Temporary labels may include carpet identification – only used during the assembly process or permanent labels which have to withstand the temperatures associated with the top of the instrument panel in the summertime. Typical applications would be electronics labels, cable assembly labels, warning labels, such as airbags or information labels such as tyre pressure information or VIN labels.


Labels for use in industry cover the whole gamut of performance requirements from short-term temporary labels through to high performance products which need to last the lifetime of the product to which it is applied.

A power tool with an industrial label

Removable or Temporary Labels

These can be paper or film labels often used in applications such as reusable bin labels on production lines, where variable data is only required for a short period of time before the label is used and a second one applied. Construction tends to be relatively simple, such as a thermal or thermal transfer printable paper.

A lawn mower with an insustrial label
Multiple industrial labels on a fuel tank

Product Labels

Labels used to identify finished products can range from high performance polyester labels carrying variable data to brand-enhancing dome labels. Labels are coupled with adhesives for specific surfaces, such as rough or textured, smooth, low surface energy or painted surfaces and everything in between, ensuring your labels stay put for the life of your products. Fairfield have an extensive catalogue of label materials suitable for Industrial applications so you can be sure your labels will perform to any industrial requirements. Resistance to environments such as temperature, weather, humidity, oil, chemicals and water are not uncommon in these types of applications.

If you’re looking to incorporate variable data into your Industrial labels, Fairfield supply everything you need, including thermal transfer printers, label design & print software, barcode or RFID readers and bespoke project management.