The Auto ID leader relaunches; new website, announces new knowledge sharing University and has been selected as a Siemens Automation solution partner for RFID and Identification in the UK and Ireland.

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Worcester, 17th October 2013 – Fairfield today announced that it would be completely relaunching its brand and debuting a knowledge sharing University to further assist its increased reach in RFID. It also announced that the business has been appointed as a Siemens solution partner for RFID and Identification in the UK and Ireland. The Worcester company, that began as a simple label printer in 1982, is now one of the best known providers of Auto ID solutions for various applications in track and trace, production control, asset management, warehouse management and supply chain optimisation.

Mark Lynch, Fairfield Managing Director said: “As an impartial company we assess client needs and specialise in recommending the best technology for the solution, rather than forcing the solution around the technology. We have extensive expertise in barcode, RFID, 2D coding and vision solutions, and we evaluate every single product thoroughly before considering it for client applications. After two years testing the range and introducing it very successfully into a selection of our client projects, we are delighted to add Siemens to our stategic portfolio. I am delighted that we are now a key partner for RFID and Identification.”

Mark Higham, General Manager for Sensors and Communication at Siemens said: “We select our partners carefully based on expertise, experience and business processes as we want our customers to be 100% happy and gain the maximum benefit from their solution. We chose Fairfield as they are thorough in their approach, and have many years practical experience in RFID, which means they know the strengths and weaknesses of it when comparing it to barcoding and marking. They genuinely look after their client base which is essential for Siemens to be able to recommend them to our customers and I am excited that our partnership just so happens to coincide with their relaunch.”

Additionally, Fairfield has just launched its ‘University’, where those who are curious or want to advance their knowledge of RFID and other Auto ID mediums can take various structured workshops designed to inspire and empower the individual to develop expertise when it comes to integrating, or deciding whether to integrate the technology into their organisation. A knowledge sharing platform rather than a sales pitch, the University works in conjunction with various strategic partners and offers chargeable workshops and short courses tailored towards specific and relevant industry issues. Mark Lynch said: “From beginners to advanced, Fairfield University is suitable for all companies who are thinking of upgrading or introducing Auto ID into key areas of their organisation.”

The first seminar will take place on 27th November in Manchester at Siemens’ premises and is specifically for the aerospace and automotive industries, although those from other related industry sectors are welcome. It is entitled ‘Today’s Track and Trace Solutions in Aerospace and Automotive’.

To access Fairfield’s new website, which has an online interactive Q&A feature, as well as a new tailored content knowledge sharing newsletter, go to

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