Fairfield Labels attended the Ludlow Food and Drink Festival on Friday the 8th of September. This festival has been going for over two decades and is all about showcasing, tasting and indulging.

We met plenty of local, independent producers; from Cheesemongers and Chocolatiers to Brewers and Bakers who we can’t wait to chat with about new labels. Your label is your biggest form of marketing, and we are here to help provide small, independent business owners with the right tools to spark success.

A couple of businesses shared that they were struggling with labels peeling off their products when refrigerated. The Fairfield team suggested an adhesive ideal for all refrigerated or frozen products. Find out more Click here.

We shared what we got up to on our socials so be sure to check them out if you’d like to see what we got up to or fancy booking a trip to Ludlow for next year’s Food Festival!